Past. Present. Future.

Past Initiatives

  • The Association Board secured $250,000 to upgrade to Bayview Park. These enhancements increase the pleasure and safety of our neighborhood children.

  • The Association fought and defeated the establishment of a cannabis clinic at 4500 North Federal Hwy. The Clinic was projected to add a constant daily flow of 35 to 40 out-of-area cars seeking parking along NE 45th Street and adjacent cross streets.

  • The Association removed the worn and damaged entrance monuments and erected newly updated monuments.

  • Bayview Drive between Oakland Park Blvd and Commercial Blvd was resurfaced, relined and a bicycle lane was added.

  • The Association funded 40-speed cushions to reduce traffic speed on internal streets.

Present Initiatives

  • The Association Board secured an Association Security Patrol that is made up of off-duty Ft. Lauderdale police officers who patrol the neighborhood in uniform and in an official Ft. Lauderdale patrol car.

Future Initiatives

  • Repairs to the sidewalks on the east side of Bayview Drive.

  • A new sidewalk on the west side of Bayview Drive extending from¬†Oakland Park Blvd to Commercial Blvd.

  • Roundabouts on Bayview Drive at 37th Drive and 47th Street to reduce car speeds.

  • A remedy to the dangerous blind turn from NE 22nd Street into the back of the Publix parking lot.

  • Monitor proposed new businesses on Oakland Park Blvd, Federal Hwy and Commerical Blvd to ensure their compatibility with the quality and character of the neighborhood.