CRCCE Community Association Security Patrol

Protecting your family and community.

About the Program

What is the Security Patrol?

The Security Patrol is a team of privately hired off-duty Ft. Lauderdale police officers who patrol CRCCE in uniform and city police cars.  

Why do we need a Security Patrol?

CRCCE is bordered on three sides by major roads with commercial businesses that attract customers from every part of the county.  In addition to access off any of these roads, Bayview Drive cuts through the entire north to south axis of the neighborhood.  Constant out-of-area traffic with easy access makes CRCCE an attractive target.  This is reflected in the recent increase in home and car break-ins in our neighborhood.

The patrol provides an extra level of safety.  They are a supplement to regular Ft. Lauderdale police officers.  The Patrol officers’ frequency in the neighborhood ensures that they will become acquainted with members and their homes.

When will the office be on patrol?

Detail Co-Ordinator Lt. DeAnna Greenlaw sets the patrol day and night hours varying them to prevent establishing a recognizable pattern.  After the completion of their shift, officers submit an activity log that includes house checks and incident reports.  The number of hours of coverage depends on the number of residents enrolled in the Patrol.  For example, 400 enrolled residents allow for 11 – 12 hours of coverage per day.

How do I summon help in an emergency?

In any emergency – CALL 911.  Patrol officers will be monitoring the department radio and as a back-up dispatch will notify the officer directly that there is a problem in his area.

What additional benefits does the Security Patrol provide?

  • Patrol officers will have a dedicated phone.  Members will be given that number.

  • Property checks during when the home is vacant or something unusual, such as termite tenting, is taking place.

  • Members will be provided with a lawn sign indicating that they are a member of the Security Patrol program.

What is the cost to me?

The cost to residents wishing to enroll in the Security Patrol program is $450 per year, plus $100 per year for membership in the Association. Initial enrollment requires all relevant contact information.

How do I enroll?

Sign up at our member portal.


No, the commitment for one year is non-refundable.  If you wish to remove your household, you may take down your lawn sign.

No.  Our focus is on single-family homes that are isolated and private, subjecting them to potential break-ins and robberies.  Including the restaurants and businesses on Oakland, Federal and Commercial would tie up too much of the officer’s time and dramatically decrease the coverage of single-family homes.  

Lt. Greenlaw has researched the days and time of day that most offenses are committed and scheduled the officers to be on duty during those times.  The officer’s schedules will not be made public so as not to alert potential offenders to ‘safe hours’.  

The remainder of the subscription year will be transferred to the new owner.

Current members will receive a renewal notice 15 days prior to the renewal date.  Upon renewal, a sticker to be attached to your lawn sign will be provided.

Not at this time.  Initial membership is for single-family homes.  After the SP is operating successfully with the single-family homes, the committee will review the addition of condominium buildings for membership as a whole building with commensurate pricing.  If your building is considering participation, please email the name of the building and the name and contact information of the building rep to and he/she will be kept informed.

Need to report something?

Important Contact Information for the Security Patrol Program

  • In case of emergency – CALL 911. CRCCE patrol officers monitor the emergency channel and will respond if on duty.
  • For non-emergency situations – Call 954-764-HELP
  • Leave a message for CRCCE patrol officers – you can leave a voicemail or email for the security patrol officers to report noteworthy community activity. Both will be checked on a regular basis. 954-256-4248 and
  • Receive house checks if you are planning to be away – please complete the away form if you will be on vacation, seasonally away, having your home tented, or other absentee work being done.

Questions about the program may be directed to:

If this is an emergency, please contact 911. This form is to report past crimes that you feel your neighbors should know about.

  • See something, say something.

  • Keep valuables out of sight.

  • Always keep your doors locked.